DJ Electric

DJ Electric’s logo brings in a nice visual trick: there’s a cable with a headphone plug on the end, and if you look closely it transforms into a power plug at the other end of the cable as the letter ‘E’.

DJ Vicky Vanna

Female DJ Vicky Vanna’s logo focusses neatly on the the 2 V structure, keeping it central to underline its importance. Don’t forget to give it a rating!

Luke Sorensen

DJ Luke Sorensen’s logo is one of our most impressive to date. Designed a couple of years ago, it is a magnificent piece of logo art.

DJ Frank 3000

DJ Frank’s logo shows his trademark cap, glasses, and all-important headphones. Feel free to give it a rating.

Chris van Tab

Take a look at Chris van Tab’s fantastic DJ logo and feel free to give it a rating.

DJ Lolly

DJ Lolly’s logo plays on the concept of a sweet lolly integrated into the O letter. Don’t forget to rate it!

Sam Curran

Sam Curran’s edgy DJ logo is our new production. Check it out and let us know what you think.


DJ SLK logo

The superb urban music DJ SLK’s new logo is now live. Give it a rating here.



Check out DJ Brahno’s new logo. A solid, and very edgy winner.

DJ Rejton

Check out our new logo for DJ Rejton. Simple, slick, and edgy!