Taking inspiration from Nicky Romero and the Crystal Method, it’s ZENIC’s new clean-cut DJ / artist logo. Let us know what you think.

Vanessa Motion DJ logo

Vanessa Motion

Up next, it’s Vanessa Motion’s new powerful DJ logo, full of movement, speed, and colour. Rate it here.

DJ Andy James

DJ Andy James’ fantastic new logo is another clean-cut affair, with a bold and sharp layout. Give it a rating to let us know what you think!

DJ Heckner

DJ Heckner

DJ Heckner’s logo is a gritty, industrial-styled solid affair, with a lot of strength. Don’t forget to give it a rating!

DJ Sam Supreme - DJ Logo Design

Sam Supreme

Our new logo for DJ Sam Supreme is built around the headphones imagery, cunningly creating a pair of S’s out of the cord. Don’t forget to add your rating!