Have a burning question about the best DJ Logo Design site? Check out the below FAQ first.

  • Who are DJ Logo Design?
    We are a part of the UK trading company Vendus Ltd. We also operate the UK’s DJ Agency: Storm DJs.
  • Why should I use DJ Logo Design?
    Put very simply, if you would like to stand out from your peers, this is the place to come to create your own high quality, industry-focussed identity. Your logo will be designed by a real person, not just generated by a machine!
  • Can I get my logo in any colour or combination of colours?
    Yes indeed. All our logos are created in colour. You just let us know what colour or colours you require (or don’t require) on your logo and we do the rest.
  • Will my logo have a transparent background?
    Yes all logos are produced with a transparent background (PNG file) and a non-transparent background (JPG file).
  • How fast will you produce my logo?
    The Pro package will get you your logo in a maximum of 2 weeks; the Premium package is a maximum of 1 week; and the Star package will turn it around in 1 day if urgent.
  • Where can I use my logo?
    You can use your logo on anything that promotes you as a DJ or artist. For example: your website; your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc); your event posters, flyers etc.
  • Do I own all rights to my logo?
    Yes, you will fully own your logo. We do not withold any rights.
  • Will my payment be secure?
    Yes, all payments go through Stripe or Paypal, meaning 100% security.
  • Are you VAT registered?
    Yes we are.
  • Did you create all of the logos on show?
    Yes all of the logos shown (apart from the ‘famous’ posts) were produced through DJ Logo Design.